Introducing Dropcast, the latest trend in digital sharing

A Map for That

Introducing Dropcast: The mobile app and desktop publishing tool is the latest trend in digital sharing. It allows users to post words, images, videos and music onto digital pins.

[Written by CK while working at Content Manager for RJR Interactive]

Lowcountry Thrill Rides


You’re eight stories up, standing atop a platform resembling a fire watchtower that you’d seen out west. You’re dressed in active gear, wearing a helmet and a climbing harness. And you’re about to jump.

Hilton Head Island is no longer just attracting people to play tennis and golf. Today’s eco-friendly destination traveler is searching for adventure.

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The Sound of Gullah Culture


“Not to take anything away from New Orleans, but I’m reading a book right now that makes a strong case that jazz music was actually started in Charleston,” Stevens said. “The impact that Charleston had in the world of jazz is one of those things that has gotten lost in time.” – Musician Lavon Stevens

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