Inside the oldest church in Charleston

Inside the oldest church in Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina – This was my view of the organ inside St. Michael’s Episcopal Church from Pew #43, where both George Washington and Robert E. Lee once worshiped. The site, located at the intersection of Meeting and Broad Street is one of the “Four Corners of Law” as each corner represents a different branch of the law – city, state, federal and God’s law. In the plans for the original, walled city, the lots at this intersection were reserved for public buildings. Constructed in 1752-1761, St. Michael’s is located at the southeast corner and was the site of the first Anglican church. On the northeast corner is City Hall, where a 1791 portrait of George Washington is on display. At the northwest corner is Charleston County Courthouse, where the first S.C. State House once stood. At the southwest corner is the U.S. Courthouse and Post Office, which was destroyed by earthquake in 1886, then rebuilt. In St. Michael’s Churchyard two signers of the U.S. Constitution are buried.

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